RT. REV. DR. RENE FEUGA (founder of the college:1941-64)

Bishop Rene Feuga, the First & the last European Bishop of the French Foreign Missions of  Paris founded St. Philomena’s College in 1946. He was ably helped by his very capable &  far-sighted Vicar General, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Maurice Queguiner. He generously handed  over all his valuable property to the college, contenting himself, for his residence, with two tiny rooms in the Cathedral Compound- the gesture of a big heart & mind. 

2.      RT. REV. DR. MATHIAS FERNANDES (patron of the college:1964-85)

3.      RT. REV. FRANCIS MICHAELAPPA (patron of the college:1987-93)

4.      RT. REV. DR. JOSEPH ROY (patron of the college: 1995-2003)

5.      RT. REV. DR. THOMAS ANTONY VAZHAPILLY (patron of the college 2003-17)

6.      Most Rev. Dr. K. A. William