A brief History

The Department of  Zoology came into existence with the very inception of St. Philomena’s college, the first science college of Mysore in 1946.Mr. V. J. Mathew, a well-known teacher with zeal, enthusiasm and professional perfection founded the Department of Zoology. His interest nurtured by the support and encouragement of the management was responsible for the development of the department. He served the department between 1947 and 1972. The great tradition begun by Mr. V. J. Mathew was followed by another exemplary teacher, Prof. T. R. Balakrishna as head of the department. Prof. T. R. Balakrishna was an erudite scholar admired even by professors of post graduate departments as an authority in Zoology. After him Prof. Daniel Sukumar took over the development of Department of Zoology. A person with an artist’s potential, he and his colleagues prepared hundreds of beautiful, hand drawn colourful charts that could be used as the major teaching aids.

Mr. Solomon followed the footsteps of his predecessors and was instrumental in the development of the department. All these scholarly men of exceptional academic calibre ensured an enviable stature to the department of Zoology, admired by students, staff, public and even experts in the field. The departmental museum is one of the best in the country. It has a large number of rare and interesting specimen collected from different places in and also out of India. The osteology section of the museum is very rich and most of them are donated by Mr. Van Ingan, a taxidermist of international fame, when he wound up his business in taxidermy. Students and staff from various educational institutions have visited the departmental museum and have registered their appreciation

Present Faculty:


Ms.Neena P K

Achievements: The department is constantly striving to achieve excellence in all its activities. They include constant and constructive revision of the curriculum content for the best of development of the students, the terminal stake holders.

Teaching – Learning – Evaluation is carried out with the traditional, modern, latest aids and gadgets – board and chalk, visual methods – charts, pictures, models, ppt, etc. Periodically students are encouraged to participate in group discussion on the various topics. Students make their own ppt in the classes.

Zoology is best taught in nature and hence the department regularly takes the students on field study trips to various places. The students along with the subject of Zoology also get an opportunity to learn organizational skills during such trips

Seminars Organised:

1) 7th-8th Aug 2004 – UGC Sponsored State Level  Seminar on “Biodiversity”, Significance and Management – A Challenge For Mankind.
2) 23rd-24th April 2010 – UGC Sponsored National Level Workshop on “Biosystematics”- Taxonomic Awareness in the Current Biotechnological Scenario.
3) 5th-6th March 2011 – Scientific Documentation of life of “Butterflies- Need, Process and Importance”
4) Workshop on Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation” (21st and 22nd March, 2015)
5) Three day International Conference on “Climate Change – Inconvenient Truth” from 9th – 11th April 2015 – Organizing secretary.
6) Two day UGC sponsored National Conference on “Myths and facts about lifestyle diseases” (3rd and 4th August, 2015)
7) Short interactive talk on “Importance of  Interdisciplinary Research in Science” (20th December, 2016)
8) 21st and 22nd March-Two day workshop on Fresh water biodiversity conservation (Western Ghats).

Research projects:

1) UGC Minor research project – “Studies on the butterfly diversity of Mysore and surrounding”. (sanctioned to Dr. T. Ruth ShanthaKumari).Work completed and report submitted to UGC.
2) UGC Major research project entitled “unraveling the biology of sperm storage in the oviduct of female Calotesversicolor”.