Pass in Pre-University Course of Karnataka State or any other equivalent qualification.

List of combinations with Economics- Department of Economics

ESP Economics Sociology Pol.Science
EHP Economics History Pol.Science
EHC Economics History Christianity
ESC Economics Sociology Christianity
EHK Economics History Opt.Kannada
ESK Economics Sociology Opt.Kannada
ESJ Economics Sociology Journalism
ESPSY Economics Sociology Psychology
EHJ Economics History Journalism
EHPSY Economics History Psychology

List of combinations with Political Science-Department of Political Science

ESP Pol.Science Sociology Economics
EHP Pol.Science History Economics
ENSP Pol.Science Sociology Opt.English
ENHP Pol.Science History Opt.English
CRSP Pol.Science Sociology Criminology
ENPHP Pol.Science History Philosophy

List of combinations with  Sociology-Department of Sociology

ESP Sociology  Economics  Pol.Science
ESC Sociology Economics Christianity
ESK Sociology Economics Opt.Kannada  
ENSP Sociology Opt.English Opt.Kannada
ENSC Sociology Opt.English Christianity
ENSJ Sociology Opt.English Journalism
ENSK Sociology Opt.English Opt.Kannada
ENSPSY Sociology Opt.English Psychology
ESJ Sociology Economics Journalism
ESPSY Sociology Economics Psychology
CRSPSY Sociology Criminology Psychology
CRSP Sociology Criminology Pol.Science

List of combinations with Christianity-Department of Christianity

 EHC Christianity History Economics
ESC Christianity Sociology Economics
ENHC Christianity History Opt.English
ENSC Christianity Sociology  Opt.English

List of combinations with History (BA)-Department of History

EHP History  Economics Pol.Science
EHC History Economics Christianity
EHK History Economics Opt.Kannada
ENHP History Opt.English Pol.Science
ENHC History Opt.English Christianity
ENHJ History Opt.English Journalism
ENHPSY History Opt.English Psychology
EHJ History Economics Journalism
EHPSY History Economics Psychology
ENHK History Opt.English Opt.Kannada

List of combinations with Opt.Kannada-Department of Kannada

EHK Opt.Kannada History Economics
ESK Opt.Kannada Sociology Economics
ENHK Opt.Kannada History Opt.English
ENSK Opt.Kannada Sociology Opt.English

List of combinations with Opt.English- Department of English

ENSP Opt.English Sociology Pol.Science
ENHP Opt.English History Pol.Science
ENHC Opt.English History Christianity
ENSC Opt.English Sociology Christianity
ENHK Opt.English History Opt.Kannada
ENSJ Opt.English Sociology Journalism
ENSK Opt.English Sociology Opt.Kannada
ENSPSY Opt.English Sociology Psychology
ENHJ Opt.English History Journalism
ENHPSY Opt.English History Psychology
ENFJ Opt.English Funct.English Journalism
ENFPSY Opt.English Funct.English Psychology
ENPHP Opt.English Philosphy Pol.Science

List of combinations with Journalism-Department of Journalism

ENSJ Journalism Opt.English Sociology
ENHJ Journalism Opt.English History
ENFJ Journalism Opt.English Funct.English
ESJ Journalism Sociology Economics
EHJ Journalism History Economics

List of combinations with Psychology –Department of Psychology

ENSPSY Psychology Opt.English Sociology
ENHPSY Psychology Opt.English History
ENFPSY Psychology Opt.English Funct. English
ESPSY Psychology Economics Sociology
EHSPY Psychology Economics History
CRSPSY Psychology Criminology Sociology

List of combinations with Criminology –Department of Criminology

CRSPSY Criminology  Sociology  Psychology
CRSP Criminology Sociology Pol.Science

List of combinations with Philosophy-Department of Philosophy

ENPHP Philosophy  Opt.English   Pol.Science 
EPHP Philosophy  Economics   Pol.Science