One-Day State Level Seminar On ‘Drug Discovery And Analytical Techniques’

‘Don’t Litter Plastic, But Reuse, Recycle And Recover’

One-Day State Level Seminar On ‘Drug Discovery And Analytical Techniques’ Jointly Organized By The Departments Of Chemistry And Bio-Chemistry Of St.Philomena’s Collge(Autonomous), Mysuru On 05th February  At The College Auditorium.

Director, CIPET, Mysuru calls upon students and staff at St.Philos’s

“Plastic is literally at our fingertips all day long. The amount of plastic we encounter daily has no count. But, all plastics are not toxic and non-biodegradable. The variety of plastics that are used in day -today life, if reused, recycled and recovered they will pose no danger to the earth planet. Prevent the littering and dumping of waste plastic items, especially in areas where there is an absence of a suitable collection infrastructure.  Develop and implement practices for sound collection, treatment and disposal of plastic waste”  said R.T.Nagaralli, Director, Central Institue of Plastic Processing and Engineering Technology(CIPET), Mysuru.

He was speaking after inaugurating the one-day state level seminar on ‘Drug discovery and Analytical Techniques’ jointly organized by the Departments of Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry of St.Philomena’s Collge(Autonomous), Mysuru on 05th February  at the college Auditorium.

“There is so much misconception about plastics in the mind of people who fail to distinguish the usefulness of these materials over its dangers. The abundant applications of plastics include pharmaceutical, Medicine, Agriculture, Automobiles , space-crafts, defence etc. With comparison to US where the usage of plastics is 50 Kg per capita per person it is only 10 Kg per capita per person in India” he said.

Prof.Agnes S.D’Souza, HOD, Dept.of Chemistry gave introductory remarks about the seminar. Dr Ruth Shantha Kumari, Principal of the college who presided over the unaugural function said that selection of the topic of the seminar is most relevant as it provides an insight into the various opportunities that chemists find in the pharmaceutical industry . Dr Ravi J.D.Saldanha, Organizing Secretary of the seminar welcomed the gathering and Ms.Cornelia Francis, Asst.Professor ,thanked the gathering. Shifa and  Uzma, students of 3rd B. Sc. compered the programme.

Three technical sessions were conducted soon after the inaugural ceremony from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm ; 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 3.00 to 4.00 pm by Dr.S.Srinivasa (DOS and Research in Chemistry, Tumkur University) ;Dr D.Suresh(DOS and Research in Chemistry, Tumkur University) and Dr.Aruna Kumar D.B (DOS and Research in Chemistry, Tumkur University) on the topics ‘Role of Chemists in Drug discovery’, ‘Chromatography and its applications’ and ‘Applications of spectroscopy for molecular characterization’ respectively.

[R.T.Nagaralli, Director, CIPET(centre) is seen watering the plant to mark the inauguration of  the seminar. Others seen in the photograph are Dr.Ravi J.D.Saldanha, organizing secretary, Prof.Agnes S.D’Souza, HOD of Chemistry, Dr.Alphonsus D’Souza, Controller of Examinations and Dr.T.Ruth Shantha Kumari, Principal]