NAAC Visit Report


NAAC peer team gets rousing welcome in traditional way. The NAAC peer team visited St. Philomena’s College (autonomous), Mysuru on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, to assess the performance of the institution for the 3rd cycle.

The team was offered a traditional welcome by the Rector, Principal and the Administrators of the college with a traditional ‘aarati’ besides honouring them with the traditional “Royal Mysuru Peta”.

The team comprised of its Chairperson Prof. Kusuma Kumari, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Munger University, bihar; Prof. Kusuma Arunachalum, Coordinator of Doom University, Dehradoom and Committee member E.P Imbichikoya, principal of Farook college, Kozikode  Kerala .

The three member team – after being received by the NCC,  Ranger and Rovers – was taken in an open jeep from college gate to administrative block in a procession. Students of the college wore traditional attire and stood on either side along the path.

The process of assessment bagan with an indepth interaction with the principal of the college after she presented a birds eye view of its performance. The NAAC Coordinator, the IQAC Coordinator and a few of the governing body members were present.


Prof. Kusum Kumara (Chairperson), Prof. Kusum Arunachalam (Member Coordinator) and Prof. E.P Imbichi Koya (Member) interacted with the deans of the departments of Science, Commerce, Humanities and Languages in the college auditorium at 10.30 a.m. to know about the activities of the respective departments.

Prof. Agnes D’souza (Dept. of Chemistry) represented the Science departments, and explained that St. Philomena’s to be the first ever science degree college in Mysore. All the highlights of the science stream were displayed to the team. Prof. Reena Francis (Dept. of Commerce) filmed the journey of the commerce department to the team and Prof. Sujatha (Dept. of Economics) shed more lights over the tremendous expeditions of the humanities and arts stream.Prof. Seetha (Dept. of Tamil) brought about the specialty of the college being a global village with many languages provided for study nurturing the interest of the students.

Prof. Kusuma Kumari Visits Departments

Prof. Kusum Kumari at first interacted with the faculty of ‘Life Skills’ offered as a unique course to every student mandatorily during the 2nd year of their course.

The Department of Holistic Spirituality was visited by Prof. Kusuma Kumari. She was briefed about the interest of students from different state in the subjects the department offering to MA, PG DIPLOMA and the six-months Certificate Course. The departmental foresights progress and achievements as currently perused in the future as well, she was told.

The NAAC Team visited the college indoor stadium where Rev. Leslie Moras briefed about the sports facilities there of. He also explained about three international conferences, which were held at indoor auditorium. Msgr. Rev. Leslie Moras said that this auditorium could accommodate maximum 2,000 persons during such occasions.

Prof. Kusuma Kumari visited the PG department of social work where Prof. Noor Mubashir gave the details of various activities.

The achievements of the students such as  participation in various seminars and publications in journals journals. Rural camps are conducted every year to help the students to understand the actual situation there of, Prof. Kusuma Kumari was told.

She also suggested few recent and current topics to bring out journals on such as effects of live in relationship on family and on surrogacy.

The NAAC team had a detailed discussion with the PG faculty assembled in the PG conference hall with regard to discussion of the PG curriculum.

Mr. Othbert Pinto, the PG director stated with great pride how the institute differs from others in all aspects. Mention was made about the implementation of innovative teaching which included option for students of open elective and soft core subjects that upgrades their skills and knowledge in other subjects as well.

He also briefed about the numerous courses offered and achievements such as getting permission to establish research centres in the college by the University of Mysore.

Prof. Kusuma Kumari also visited Department of English where the faculty briefed about the department and told how they have implemented ELT (English Learning Tell) to upgrade the skill of the students in teaching fields and also introduced the two open elective courses given to propagate positive learning and healthy teaching atmosphere. Mention was made about the seminars conducted and also the books published. The department also promised of more research work to be generated.

Prof. Kusum Arunachalam visits the science departments

Prof. Kusum Arunachalam specialized in Microbiology, Ecology and Botany visited all the science departments. Wherein she had an indepth interaction with the members of faculty and the students. She visited the museum of Zoology and Botany departments with abundant rare and exotic specimen. The department of Zoology also has a rare collection of osteology specimen donated by a licensed Taxidermist and a well wisher of the college, Mr. Van Ingen. The other departments visited were Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Physics and Electronics, wherein Prof. Kusum Arunachalam interacted with the faculty and students about the syllabus, its relevance and other aspects.

The team later interacted with students, parents, alumni and the office staff to obtain their perspective about the institutional performance. They also visited the IQAC to know about the quality enhancing programs conducted by the latter. The team inspected the office documents, accounts and other details.

Prof. E.P. Imbichi Koya Visits Departments

Prof. E.P. Imbichi Koya, One of the peer members, visited various departments of UG at the college. Ms. Shobana Thomas, HOD of Physics, and Mr. Babu, HOD of Malayalam, accompanied Imbichi Koya to all departments.

He visited Department of Commerce, Food Science and Nutrition, Management, Economics, Mathematics, Tourism and Hotel Management, and the Journalism and Mass Communication. Prof. Koya interacted with the staff members and students about the courses, internships facilities, educational trips, strength of students, staffs, detailed syllabus of language subjects, number of classes held and other details concerned.

Prof. Koya also enquired about inter-department teachings, practical experiences, percentage of marks secured, details of aided courses, revised syllabus and credit and marks allotted, lab facilities, future plans of the department, college timings, certificate courses provided, most preferred courses of students, specialized clubs for students, management fest, marking of attendance, percentage of female students, promotion of students, mentoring of students list, result analysis, overall result percentage, department activities, industrial visits, facilities provided to the departments, availability of books in library, courses taken for higher studies, future plans of the department. He examined the feedback provided by students and the college journal brought by the students.

Students of department of Food and nutrition served the food prepared by them, and Mr. Koya suggested to the students to start a small scale production.

Cultural Evening

On the evening of 24.7.2019, a grand Cultural Evening on the signature theme of the college, “Unity in Diversity” was conducted. Totally 120 students displayed various dance forms- local to international- to make the huge audience spellbound.

Exit meeting

During the Exit meeting held at around 6.45 pm on 25.7.19 the members of the team expressed their happiness and satisfaction about the performance of the college. They also suggested a few necessary steps for improvement for future development of the Institution.