A two days orientation program was organised for 2 and 3 year student s on 3rd and 4th June 2019. Initially a multicl religions prayer service was conducted by Rev. Fr.Maria Xavier, the Vice Rector and other priests. This was followed by a session “Your choices define you”  conducted by Dr.Norbert Lobo, Department of Economics, St. Alsysins college, Mangalore.
Explaining the challenges that the student community has been facing, Mr. Lobo emphasised the need of  students enhancing their knowledge and learning ability to effectively address them.
Lamenting that the students are loosing their curiosity to improve their knowledge Mr. Lobo said that cell phone addiction, television serials, cartoons, movies and other issues have been becoming the hurdles for the students to achieve their goals.
Instead of grabbing the opportunities by achieving the goals, nowadays the students are restricting themselves to criticize, compare, complain and compete with others.
The greater responsibility of guiding the students to travel on the right path to achieve the goal is lying on the teachers. They should carefully listen to the students and aptly respond to them. The teaching community must care about students. They must respect the students, communicate with them appropriately, Often teachers may need  to apologize when such situations arise, Mr. Lobo said.

On June 04, Mr.Sunny Francis, HOD of English, de Paul degree college, Mysore and Founder Principal of Guardian Angel International school, Nanjangud ; Prof.K.S.Suresh, Principal, JSS Law college, Mysore and Mr.Subramaniam, Traffic Warden, Mysore city were the resource persons of the day.
Prof.Mary Punidavalli, HOD of English, St.Philomena’s College(Autonomous), Mysore introduced the resource person Mr.Sunny Francis, the speaker of the first session. Mr.Sunny spoke on the topic ‘Secret of success’. The session began with a meaningful hymn and he made aware of how each individual is important. The session highlighted that communication is a very important and effective tool in earning success in life. To create a cohesive society, to realize that every thought, word and action is important, he said. The session ended with a note to stop focusing on how stressed one is, but to remember how blessed we are. The presentation was interesting, reflective and theoretical which would help everyone to make the rest of their life the best of their life, to deal with resistance and build a creative open environment.
For the second session, Prof.K.S.Suresh, Principal,JSS Law college, Mysore was the resource person. He enlightened the audience on the topic ‘Awareness -Anti Ragging’. He shared his knowledge on the ill effects of ragging and the subsequent psychological and physical effects on fellow students and stressed the need for counteractive measures for its prevention .He also said that basically any form of abuse against juniors amounts to ragging. It can assume any form – abusive language directed to at the student or his family, making juniors run errands for seniors, sexual abuse, forcing freshers to strip or speak obscenely about professors in front of other students etc. He spoke about creating an environment that supports and facilitates academic, social and emotional learning that could be achieved through effective interpersonal skills, creativity and motivation.
The third and last session of the day was on the topic ‘Awareness and obeyance on road traffic rules’by Mr.Subramaniam, Traffic Warden, Mysore city. In his presentation, he said that road traffic accident is one amongst the biggest killers across the world. And its rate is very high among youngsters that too students who many a time do not pay attention to adhere to the traffic regulations. Further, he said that,it is always important to have the awareness about the rules and regulations in the traffic. Otherwise, one will face the worse circumstances that can cause severe damage not only to their vehicle but sometimes an injury which is not preferable. So one should avoid violating the rules and should be able to take necessary precautions to have safe rides, he said.
All the three sessions were interactive ones with participation of majority of the teachers.
The orientation program was useful and through its insights, knowledge and experience, students and teachers had a great opportunity to empower themselves in order to empower others.