Two guest lectures on ‘Role of Students in Higher education and Preparation for Job Market’ for the final year students of B.Com and B.B.A and ‘Team Building and Role of Teachers in Higher Education’ for the teaching faculty were held on September 12, 2019 in the college Auditorium.

Prof. Manoj Louis, Department of Commerce, Government First Grade College, Kavoor, Mangaluru was the resource person for both the sessions. The sessions were very inspiring and motivating for both the students and staff.

I Session

In the first session Prof. Manoj Louis from his rich experience of more than twenty years in teaching, shared with the students about their role in Higher Education and how to prepare for the job market. He told them unless one is a quick learner and updates current events each day, it will be difficult to face the job market which is very challenging in the present day scenario. He advised the students to be positive and refrain from spending time on internet applications. He called them to follow a few solid mantras like minimising the use of mobile phones for at least 3 hours a day ( morning 30 minutes, noon 60 minutes and night 90 minutes) and then using those hours effectively to think about themselves. He said that in the current competitive era, students must focus on obtaining information on employment opportunities and prepare for competitive examinations. He explained the scope and opportunities in Commerce and Business Administration sectors. Inspiring the students to always stay positive, he urged them to work smart and have a specific goal. This was followed by an interactive session in which resource person answered numerous questions pertaining to their fields.

Session went on from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Over 90 students participated.

II Session

The second session was held for the faculty members from 3.30pm to 4.45pm on “Team Building and Role of Teachers in Higher Education”.

In his lecture, Prof. Manoj Louis highlighted that teachers have a greater role to play in team building and higher education. He expressed that in order to achieve higher level of standards in education

  1. Classroom teaching should be social relevance based
  2. Teachers should focus on training students with practical exposure
  3. Students should be sent for internships or training to different institutions/industries
  4. Classroom teaching can be made more effective with games and case studies
  5. Need to identify the gap between employment opportunities and unemployment rates and how to prepare students for job market

Session involved games and fun activities for teachers which were related to team Building.

In the beginning, Introductory note given by Fr. Thomas Roxon Baros, the campus Administrator.  Mr.Ronald Praksh Cutinha, IQAC Coordinator welcomed the resource person and explained the purpose of the lecture sessions.