M.Sc Physics

About M.Sc (Physics) Department

 A brief history

The Post Graduate Department of Physics, St. Philomena’s College, Mysuru was started in2014-15 with a strength of 36 students. The department had three faculty members namely, Dr. D. Revannasiddaiah, Ms. M. K Usha and Dr. M.V Deepa Naveen. Dr. Vanitha M K joined the department in the place of Dr. M V Deepa Naveen in the second semester.

The department is well equipped with optics, electronics and computer labs. Both the theory and practical examinations were successfully conducted for first semester course. Students fared well in their first semester examination.

The achievements of the faculty in the academic year 2014-15 are listed below:

  • List of publications of Dr. D Revannasiddaiah and Dr. M K Usha
  • Research papers published in international peer-reviewed journals




Dr. D. Revannasiddaiah

Dr. M. K. Usha

Ms. Meenakshi Giridhar


Academic achievements:

  1. Ms. M K Usha won the best poster presentation award for presenting her poster entitled “Molecular ordering in a liquid crystalline compound from X-ray studies” at the International Conference on Soft Materials (ICSM) 2014, held at Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur on 6-10 October, 2014.
  2. Ms. M K Usha was awarded her Doctorate degree on 9th October, 2014 for her thesis entitled “Experimental Investigations on the Optical, Electrical and Structure Properties of Some Liquid Crystals and Crystals” under the guidance of Dr. Revannasiddaiah. Professor, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore
  3. Ms. M K Usha won the best paper presentation award for presenting her research paper entitled “Translational order parameter in three Schiff base liquid crystals” at the National Conference on Recent Trends in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering ( RTPME) – 2015, held at Dept. of Physics, Sharada Vilas College, Mysuru on 20, 21stFebruary, 2015.
  4. The department had organized a three day State Level Workshop on “Astronomy and Astrophysics” during 11-13th February, 2015 for the benefit of students.

Achievements of students:

One of the student, Mr. Venkatram Harish Belvadi, I M.Sc. participated in State -level debate competition on the topic “whether infrastructure should take precedence over environment in developing in India “held at SDM-IMD, Mysore on February 8th 2015 and secured the first position. He also participated in Inter-collegiate quiz on climate change held at St: Philomena’s College, Mysore on March 2015 and secured the first place.

Future Plan:

  • Specialization in Solid State Physics will be offered during 2nd  Year M.Sc
  • Organizing seminars / lecture workshops / guest lecturers from experts on different topics related to recent trends in Physics so that the knowledge of students is updated.
  • An elective paper on Nanomaterials will be offered for 3rd Semester M.Sc students.
  • Students are encouraged to carry out minor research projects as a part of 4th Semester M.Sc course so that they get exposed to research environment